Art Retrospective

While I have spent the past 6+ years specialising as a technical artist, I have had the privilege to work in the capacity as a production artist also on a great variety of projects. So this post is a brief retrospective of some of my art contributions to computer games.

Magenta Software – The Cat In The Hat

The first major games project I worked on was the game to accompany the ‘Cat In The Hat’ movie for the PS2. The film did not do very well, but Magenta’s take on the game was a great project.




Warner Brothers/Travellers Tales/Embyronic Studios – Wipeout Pulse

The most exciting project I worked on as an environment artist with this team was Wipeout Pulse. The restrictions of the PSP platform were great to work with. It was fun coming up with creative methods of creating effects, using glow shaders and animated textures.




Rockstar Games – Max Payne 3

The most recent art contribution I made was on this PS3 / XBox 360 release for Rockstar Games.
Favela Building

Ganghouse 1

Ganghouse 2

These favela buildings were great assets to work on. Nailing the look of the deteriorated environment was challenging.


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